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About Company

Plastic waste collection and recycling company

Route 360 Solutions Initiative is a plastic waste collection and recycling company in Sierra Leone. We collect and transform plastic waste into eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials for home construction and pavement.

At Route 360 Solutions Initiative, we’re more than just a plastic waste collection company. We’re a team of passionate Sierra Leoneans tackling two crucial challenges: plastic pollution and the need for sustainable housing solutions. We believe in taking waste and transforming it into something powerful – eco-friendly, durable construction materials that build stronger and affordable homes.

Our Services

We Provide High Quality & Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Plastic Recycling

The journey begins with collecting plastic waste from homes and community waste centers. This not only cleans up the environment but also prevent plastic waste from landfills and waterways.

Construction Bricks and Pavers

Route 360 Solutions Initiative transforms plastic into durable, eco-friendly bricks and pavers. These construction materials are not only strong but also cheaper than their traditional counterparts, making them ideal for construction activties.

Paving stone worker is putting down pavers during a construction of a city street.
Pavement Installation

Route 360 Solutions Initiative doesn't stop at bricks and pavers production. We also pave sidewalks, roads, and other outdoor spaces, using our eco-friendly and sustainable pavement tiles.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Material

Our bricks and pavers are twice stronger than their traditional counterparts.


Our construction materials are cheaper than conventional bricks and pavers.

Trained Workers

Our works is done by seasoned environment practioners and engineers with over four years of industrial experience.

Time Availability

We are ever-ready

Water and Damp proof

Our construction materials do not absorb water or tolerate dampness.


Our bricks and pavers can withstand fire

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Our Targeted SDG's

With over 5 million people living in extreme poverty in Sierra Leone, we strive to create jobs and other income-generating opportunities for Sierra Leoneans, especially marginalized youth and women in underserved communities.

We work to solve environmental problems in Sierra Leone while creating employment and other income-generating opportunities for women and building their capacity to unleash their full potential.

As one in four people will experience water shortages by 2050, we help promote clean water and sanitation access in Sierra Leone by preventing climate change impacts and plastic waste leakages into freshwater resources. 

By placing humanity, inclusion, technological innovation, and employment at the forefront, we relentlessly promote decent work and economic growth in Sierra Leone.

We contribute to this SDG by our approach to combat plastic pollution and climate change, using plastic waste as an alternative to virgin cement to manufacture our climate-friendly construction materials, which are reusable, recyclable, absorb less water, and are two times stronger than their traditional counterparts. 

 While sustainable job creation could help reduce the issue of income inequality and help achieve SDG 10 by 2030, we are empowering low-income earners in Sierra Leone by creating jobs and other income-generating opportunities for them.

We are committed to ensuring affordable housing needs in Sierra Leone are met by using our climate-friendly building materials to construct affordable, climate-resilient homes in informal settlements in the Freetown City Municipality.

We are working to help achieve the 1.5℃ target by 2030 by building the capacity of households, local communities, and marginalized youth and women, providing them with proper waste management training to combat climate change.


With 84% of plastic waste mismanaged in Sierra Leone, of which the majority, especially single-use plastics, ends up in the ocean, we collaborate with households, local communities, and community waste centers to prevent leakages into Sierra Leone marine environment.