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Professional and Expert in Quality Bricks and Pavers

Route 360 Solutions Initiative recycle plastic waste into construction materials. We collect plastic waste and transform it into eco-friendly construction bricks and pavement tiles for home construction and pavement. We have a team of experienced engineers and environmentalists that continuously innovate to bring the best solutions for our clients and help solve the plastic pollution crisis. 


Route 360 Solutions Initiative aims to create income-generating opportunities for marginalized youth and women while meeting housing needs and reducing plastic pollution and climate change in Sierra Leone. 


We want to lead the waste-to-resource transition for green development in Sierra Leone and Africa.

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Our History

Taking Sustainability to the Next Level.

How we started?

On August 13th, 2009, floodwaters broke into our Founder and CEO's house, destroying his properties while residing at the Kroo Bay coastal slum. This is why Route 360 Solutions Initiative exists today.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Environmental Impact

Route 360 Solutions Initiative is committed to environmental sustainability. By opting for our services, you actively contribute to reducing plastic pollution and promoting eco-friendly construction practices.

Quality Eco-friendly Materials

Benefit from our high-quality, sustainable construction materials. We are specialize in transforming plastic waste into durable and eco-friendly products, ensuring your construction projects align with both environmental and quality standards.

Community and Social Responsibility

Route 360 Solutions Initiative deeply invested in community welfare. Our plastic waste collection efforts not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also provide community engagement opportunities for a more inclusive and responsible business model.

Meet The Team

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Winifred A. Atanga
Working With The Best

Our Partners

Join us to Transform Sierra Leone

We are committed to make Sierra Leone a safe space for all – current and future generations. We solve problems with and for the community. This simply means, we cannot do this all on our own. If you’re a young Sierra Leonean, passionate about climate change or wants to give back to the environment, you’re welcome to join us in achieving the change we want for our beloved nation, Sierra Leone.